SEAVER UNDERGRADUATE - Guy Thomson Ellis Scholarship

Salutation: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Uribe,

Description of Scholarship: The Scholarship is awarded to graduating high school seniors with a parent who is a current employee of the Verizon Company of California (formerly known as General Telephone Company of California). The award will be based on computed need according to standardized formulas and judgment of the Financial Aid Office of Pepperdine. While scholarly performance will be given priority, Verizon/GTE graduating high school seniors with computed need will receive priority over Verizon/GTE students with less or no computed need. Awards will be made for one year at a time and will be re-evaluated and re-examined each subsequent year the student is enrolled at Pepperdine. If the student’s parent leaves the employ of Verizon/GTE mid-year, the student will still be qualified to maintain the scholarship for that year, but will not be eligible for the scholarship in subsequent years. Transfer students or readmitted (to Seaver College) students are not generally eligible because they are not “then graduating high school seniors.” A student who is granted deferred admission or an officially sanctioned leave of absence will remain eligible, provided he/she does not attend another institution (and with the understanding that graduating high school seniors with computed need receive priority).

Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you have a parent that works for Verizon Company of California?
  2. Submit the Verizon & G.T. Ellis Scholarship Application along with the Verizon Employment Verification provided to confirm employment.
    Click here to download the application and instructions to obtain employment verification.