GSEP Veteran Scholarship

Salutation: Dear Trustees. Awarded to students enrolled in GSEP’s Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy or Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership, Pre-K-12. Veterans are the first to be offered.

Supplemental Questions
  1. The veterans scholarships (Curtice & Evelyn Booth Veterans Endowed, Land of the Free Foundation WAVE Got Your Six, and the Veteran Scholarship) are awarded to students who are veterans, active-duty reservists, or dependents (children or spouse) of a veteran or active-duty reservist.
    • Are you a veteran or active-duty reservist, or dependent (children or spouse) of a veteran or active-duty reservist?
    • If you answered yes to the above, you must submit proper documentation showing that you are an active-duty reservist or were honorably discharged or are a dependent of an active-duty reservist or veteran that was honorably discharged. Proper documentation must be submitted unless specified below. Please select all that apply.
  2. Do you have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above?
  3. Are you graduating in Summer 2023 or later?
  4. Please select your enrollment status:
  5. A letter of recommendation no older than 2 years is required to be considered for this scholarship.
    • Kindly attach you letter of recommendation.
    • Kindly confirm that a letter of recommendation has been uploaded in the preceding section.
  6. You must submit a personal statement explaining how this veterans scholarship (including Curtice & Evelyn Booth Veterans Endowed, Land of the Free Foundation WAVE Got Your Six, and/or the Veteran Scholarship) would further actualize your career goals and help you lead and serve your community as you transition into an advanced professional career.
  7. Certification and Authorization: You must answer "Yes" to all options below to be considered for any scholarships.
    • I acknowledge that these scholarships can be combined with other scholarships except for federal and institutional military scholarships/benefits and athletic scholarships. If I were to receive these scholarships/benefits, or other forms of third-party scholarship(s), I acknowledge that these will require further approvals.
    • I am acknowledging that all of the information on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.
    • I am aware that any false or misleading statements will result in disqualification of my scholarship application. I certify that I meet all eligibility requirements as specified above and acknowledge the Pepperdine Scholarship Policies published on the Pepperdine Financial Aid webpage: Please see direct links below.
    • I hereby request and authorize the release of information contained in my student records or observed by a faculty or staff member at Pepperdine University to the appropriate departmental scholarship selection committee for the purpose of evaluation and scholarship award selection.
    • I understand that my application materials become the property of Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology and cannot be returned. I hereby authorize Pepperdine GSEP to utilize information about my application and my likeness for public relations purposes, publicity or other scholarship opportunities.
    • I understand that the GSEP Financial Aid Office will coordinate scholarships with all other financial aid, not to exceed the Cost of Attendance (COA). If the scholarship produces an over-award, federal student loans will be reduced first.
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